1. Night Patrols for Turtle Nests – Come and experience an unforgettable night(s) of adventure at Playa Blanca, one of many  beautiful beaches in the area. With an experienced native guide, learn how to find turtle nests and retrieve the eggs. You might even be lucky and see the entire process in person.

2.Release of Hatchlings – Once the baby turtles hatch, you can also take an active role in the safe release of the baby turtles. Picture taking and recording is always allowed.

3. Summer Camps – School age children participate in engaging hands-on activities. They learn values, conservation, nutrition, arts, crafts, foreign language and physical activities surrounded by a beautiful environment.

4. School visits – Teachers and caregivers are welcome to schedule field trips for an educational and fun day.

5. Symposiums – CTA participates in national and international symposiums as presenter in order to share data and stay updated on new research and discoveries.

6. Other endeavors – include craft making to raise funds at the local “Eco-Tianguis” Vegan Market on Saturday and educational activities at the camp.  Whether you’re here for an hour or a week, Ayotlcalli welcomes you to learn about marine turtles and help conserve these species for a more beautiful tomorrow.

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