Adopt-a-Nest for the Classroom

With our Adopt a Nest sponsorship, your class will have a nest of its very own to follow. After making your one-time donation of $25, we will email you the details of your nest in the following days.

Your class will receive an adoption certificate with the specifics of your sea turtle nest.

You will receive the GPS coordinates of the original nest location, the names of the volunteers on patrol that found your nest, the number of eggs, and the expected hatch date. Normally, we have pictures of the original nest or relocation, which we will add to your own personal photo album (a shareable Google Photos album).

When the hatchlings start to emerge, we will send you the statistics on the number of hatchlings and add any pictures of them emerging and being released to your album. You will also be recognized during the release as one of our nest sponsors.

Please note, we try to take pictures of the adopted nests at each step from relocation to release but at times, it is not possible. Weather conditions, the level of activity our volunteers have on their patrol the night of your adoption, the time of day when the hatchlings are released, and many other factors can make it difficult to take photos.

Our nesting season typically goes from July through March, with hatchlings 45-60 days later, so there is still time for this school year. We will also take reservations for next year if that works better with your lesson plans.

Here is a link to a sample album of a classroom adopted nest. In this case the eggs hatched and were released during the night. Often times they come up during the day, so are released at sunset which makes for better pictures.

Click Here for a Virtual Tour of our camp.

Since we want this will be a learning experience for your students, we will provide a Q & A worksheet you can use to submit questions from your students. We will send back with answers and anecdotes from our experiences where they fit in. We also have an optional zoom Q & A available for an additional donation.

Check out our blog post where we interview a teacher about the program here .

If you would like to sign up or have questions about the program, please email

Thank you for your interest!