$50 – Adopt a Nest (Leatherback)

Would you like to sponsor your own nest in our corral?  How about sponsoring the nest of one of our typically rare Leatherback (Laúd) nests?  We all get super excited when we encounter a Leatherback nest (with the holy grail being encountering the mama), and here you have the chance to sponsor a Leatherback nest.

What does sponsoring a nest mean?  Well, if you sign up to sponsor one, we will send you information on one of our Leatherback nests including the GPS location of the original nest, an introduction to the volunteers that found and relocated the nest, the number of eggs, and any pictures we have from the original and relocated nests.  We’ll let you know when we expect the hatchlings to emerge and then, when they do, we’ll email you updates on the number of hatchlings and pictures of them being released.  You will also be acknowledged during the release as a nest sponsor.

Because of the limited number of Leatherback nests we relocate each season, you may be joining others in adopting a single nest.

$25 – Adopt a Nest (Golfina & Prieta)

With our Golfina (Green Turtle) and Prieta (Black Turtle) Adopt a Nest sponsorship, you will have a nest of your very own to follow.  After making your one-time donation of $25, we will email you the details of your nest within a few days.  You will receive the GPS coordinates of the original nest location, an introduction to the volunteers that relocated the nest, number of eggs, and expected hatch date.  If we have pictures of the original nest or relocation, we’ll send them too.

When the hatchlings start to emerge, we’ll send you the statistics on the number that hatches and pictures of a beach release including baby turtles from your sponsored nest.  You will also be recognized during the release as one of our nest sponsors.

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