Los Guerreros del Arcoiris

Pollution rates are rising and the climate is changing, drastically, altering the world we live in.  The environmental crisis we face makes it critically important for our children to learn about nature and how we can make changes in our lives can make a difference in protecting and saving it.  It’s not too late.  Yet.

We believe that by giving our youth the opportunity to learn about how our communities and nature can live in balance will make them more environmentally conscious and aware of how the decisions they make will impact nature.  If they are not informed and educated about how man’s behavior affects the environment, how will they protect it in the future?

Beyond raising their environmental awareness, we believe the young people in our communities will become more civically engaged with their local communities as they get older.  That engagement will enable them to work to improve the sustainability of their communities, using what they have learned about the environment.

We, at Campamento Tortuguero Ayotlcalli, believe so strongly in the importance of educating the children in our communities that we conduct a two week summer camp each year that focuses on these core beliefs.  Our camp teaches about local nature including our birds, fish, whales, and – of course – sea turtles!  We go beyond those themes to also educate the kids about the importance of nutrition and how the choices they make in what they consume affects their health and the environment.  We have activities to get the kids exercising and working to clean up the beaches.  There are art activities and scientific experiments.  For some of these activities we partner with local organizations like our friends at Whales of Guerrero who focus on our humpback whale population, and also educating the children in our community.

When camp concludes and the children return to their communities, they are truly Los Guerreros del Arcoiris…Warriors of the Rainbow.  Bringing their new found knowledge and enthusiasm to their homes and communities.  Making a difference.  Becoming the leaders of the future.

In later posts, we will be sharing more information about the camp and opportunities to help financially.  You can also check our website for details.


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