Please Adopt My Nest

Hello Everyone!

I am a Laúd (Leatherback) mama turtle, which means I am at least (about) 18 years old but age doesn’t matter unless you are cheese or wine so, like many of us women, I’m not going to share mine!

I love coming back to Playa Blanca – the beach where I was born – to lay my eggs so that my hatchlings can be born in the same gorgeous place where I first emerged from the sand ‘some’ years ago.  In fact, I just returned on Friday night to bury a new nest with 90 of my precious future babies.

Wow, Playa Blanca sure has changed a lot (thanks to you humans!) since the day I first crawled my way out of my cozy nest but I am lucky that the kind people at Ayotlcalli are here to help make sure my babies are safe in this dangerous new world.

But they need your help.  Won’t you please consider adopting my babies or the nest of one of my sister Golfina’s or Prieta’s, who are great too.  Of course I think I’m the greatest, and I know I’m the biggest! There are only a precious few of us Laúds left, so I think this is a special opportunity for some generous and lucky people.

Now, I know I was camera shy on Friday night so you won’t see any photos of me, but if you adopt my nest you will see lots of photos of the volunteers who found my tracks, and the relocation of my eggs from the nest I carefully dug.  In about 60 days or so, the fine volunteers at Ayotlcalli will share pictures with you of my babies making their way to the ocean for the very first time.  You’ll even receive a certificate honoring you as the adopter of my nest.

You and I will be so proud that day for our teamwork in ensuring our babies’ safety and survival so that our girls can also return to Playa Blanca when they are my age!

Please go online to Adopt Me today.  My tortuguitas are depending on you.

$50 – Adopt a Nest (Leatherback)


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