Our first visit from a NEST ADOPTER!!

Big sister Jenny with her new ‘siblings’

Last week was another busy one here at the Campamento, with releases most days – all of which were special in their own way. But we had a very special guest on Sunday evening!

Our friend and supporter Mary Ann adopted a nest earlier this month as a birthday present for her son. Before presenting the gift, she congratulated him on his new ‘fatherhood’ and soon to be 113 new ‘children’! We can’t help but wonder what he must have thought was coming next!

Chris’s daughter Jenny was visiting her grandmother in Ixtapa last week, so just had to come and visit her ‘siblings’. She will have a lot of big sister responsibilities, but we think she will do just fine!

Fun was had by all! We think we would be right to say that this family is very happy to have adopted into ours!

In addition to a certificate showing Chris as the adopter of a nest, Mary Ann and Chris received pictures and a report of the nest collection, shown below.

They will also receive updates about the nest and more pictures when the hatchlings emerge.

And, just think, it is so very easy to adopt a nest of your very own!

Here are some pictures of the nest rescue and rebury in our corral.  These were sent to the adoptive family the day the nest was recovered.

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