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Ayotlcalli is not only the “house of turtles” but also (currently) the home of three “camp dogs” – Blackie, Fox, and Bella as well as the inside dog White Lily. If you have been to a release, you are sure to have met these three sweet “camp” pups.  They defend our hatchery, defend the area when we are releasing baby turtles, and also come on patrol with us.  They are hard workers, for sure.

And, there are many more that have been with the camp on their way to forever homes, most recently Diego, Yoyo, and Black Lillie (all adopted by volunteers at the camp!).

Early this morning as our patrol volunteers returned to camp just as the sun was rising, they found that our camp dog count had increased by three.  Unfortunately, dumping dogs is not unusual in the area and there are always some number of stray dogs living on this beach.  When the numbers of stray dogs grow, the number of mama turtles attacked on the beach by dogs grows as well.  So our goal is twofold; help these sweet puppies and protect our sea turtle population.

Now, we love dogs and would keep them all if we could but, unfortunately we can’t.  Well, maybe one…they are so cute!

So this morning, we’re asking for our great network of supporters to help us find these adorable cuties their own forever homes. We’ll take them to the vet today for a check up, they’ll all get a good bath, and lots of food, water, and love while they are with us.

If you can help us find one, two, or all three of these adorable pups find permanent homes, please email us at  Or, if you want to help us out with a donation to contribute toward some of cost of their care, we would certainly appreciate that too!


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