Support Summer Camp for Children and Win a Prize!

A beautiful painting of a sea turtle hatchling crawling to the sea, donated by local artists is the prize that will go to our raffle winner!!!!

How do I buy a ticket, you ask?  Well, the tickets are not ‘for sale’.

We are giving them away to anyone who donates US$15 (or more!) to support our summer camp Guerreros del Arcoiris.

If you are not local, not to worry!  This painting, conveniently sized at 12×14 can be easily shipped to you.  If you are a local for the part of the year, we are happy to hold it for you until you get here.

If you are a local and would prefer to donate in person, just contact Patty @ 755-136-9607 or

The camp is a fun and educational 2 weeks in July, and your donation helps us provide this great experience to the children.

We have shared information about the camp in the past, but in case you missed it, this two-week camp includes many different activities for the children and could not happen without the help of our volunteers, from near and far.

The children learn not just about sea turtles, but about taking care of the environment (and why we need to) and taking care of themselves (nutrition and exercise).  We have arts and crafts, field trips, and educational games.  While they are focused on the fun activities, they often don’t even notice that they are reading, writing and doing arithmetic!


Click HERE to make a donation and receive one or more raffle chances. 


If you would like to sponsor a child, which covers the tuition cost and transportation, click HERE.


Here some pictures from last year.

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