Summer Camp Raffle Winner

Zaneta and Damaris at the Turtle Camp.

Yesterday was the first day of our Summer Camp and also the drawing for our raffle supporting the camp.

The winning ticket was #10, held by Zaneta Stasiskiene of Kaunas, Lithuania (WOW!) where she is a professor at the University of Technology, Kaunas.  Zaneta met Damaris while visiting the turtle camp last year and stayed in touch and has been an active supporter of our activities since.  Congratulations Zaneta and thank you.

Ready for the raffle drawing.

We also send our heartfelt thanks to all that participated in the raffle and/or otherwise supported the summer camp by providing scholarships and other financial support.

The fee charged for children to attend our camp is modest and is just enough to cover the cost of transportation, meals, and supplies which are provided to the children.  But even a small fee is more than many local families can afford which is why your support is so important.  Thank you!

We’ll post more about the camp and the children’s activities over the next couple of weeks.

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