LEATHERBACK (LAÚD) seeking loving adopter!

Hey everyone!

We are so super excited to report that last night we had our SECOND Leatherback (Laúd) nest of this season!!! We had one last Thursday, and then again this Thursday!

Happiness is a Leatherback on our beach!

And guess what?  Through our adoption program, you can adopt this nest and help enable us to continue our work of supporting and helping this very special sea turtle species.

With the incubation period of 60 days, these eggs should start hatching just as this year of 2020 is FINALLY ending. What better way to ring in the new year than celebrating new life with your adopted Leatherback babies?!?!?!

This would also make an awesome Christmas present 😉

After having exactly ZERO Leatherback nests last year, it is beyond exciting to have our second nest already, so close to the beginning of their nesting season. This species is endangered, so these nests are very important.  We are hopeful that this is a the beginning a busy Leatherback season!

Fun Fact. Do you know what the Leatherback’s favorite food is?


So when you are able to swim in the ocean without getting stung, you can thank our Leatherback friends. Without them, the jellyfish population would surely increase. Weighing in between 550 and 2,000 pounds, you can imagine they eat A LOT!

Won’t you please think about adopting this nest of very special eggs?  It helps us, and we promise it will be such a fun way to welcome the new year!

Thank you for your continued support.  We surely could not do this without you!

With gratitude,

The Ayotlcalli team

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