Back in August, Gabriel, an eighth grade student from Colorado visited the camp as a volunteer and to work on a school project about saving endangered sea turtles. Gabe’s family visits this area regularly and his older Elaine has been able to go on a night patrols with camp volunteers in the past.

Gabe made a great video as a part of his project and he generously shared it with us and gave us permission to share it with all of you. Damaris already said to Gabe, “…you deserve an A.”  So, without any more introduction, here’s Gabe’s video which covers all that he did with us as a camp volunteer.

Not only was Gabe a volunteer with us, he also generously used his own money to adopt one of the nests he found and relocated to the corral. He can be very proud of the fact that his adopted nest had a hatch and release rate of 94.85%!

Our Adopt-a-Nest program is a fun and easy way to support the camp financially.  For a small donation, you can track your own nest through data and photos (as available) from the time it is located on the beach, through relocation to the corral, and finally hatch and release.

Now is a great time to adopt because we’re busy finding lots of nests and the hatch time for them will nests found now will be early to mid-December when it is high tourist season here and we have lots of public releases where we can recognize our adopters to release participants.

If you are planning to be here during the season, let us know when and we can try to help plan your adoption so that the hatching is predicted to happen while you are visiting and can attend a release.

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